Kaplan International is a leading transnational education group that provides professional and vocational training, university preparation, English language and university courses in 82 locations around the world.

Our mission at Kaplan is to change people’s lives through education. Supporting this mission, we are committed to making educational opportunities available to people living in challenging communities, and providing our employees with opportunities to become engaged in the rewarding mission of corporate philanthropy.

We know that education can open doors – to new opportunities, a better job and a better life. Kaplan International helps individuals achieve their educational and career goals.

“Plan International has built an enviable reputation for building and supporting schools around the world. Kaplan’s mission is to change people’s lives through education, and we believe it is important to make educational opportunities available to students in under-served communities. We are therefore delighted to be working with Plan to help us make our vision a reality.”

Andrew Thick, Senior Vice President of Kaplan International Higher Education

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